Tips for Speedy Recovery After Undergoing a Tooth Extraction

Jun 13, 2023
Tips for Speedy Recovery After Undergoing a Tooth Extraction

Tips for Speedy Recovery After Undergoing a Tooth Extraction

Whether you need a tooth pulled because of decay, damage, or some other reason, you probably want to put the whole situation behind you as quickly as possible. 

At Riverside Dental, Gemini Master-Patel, DMD, and our team can help in two ways. First, we offer tooth extractions right here at our offices in Yonkers and Thornwood, New York. Second, because Dr. Master-Patel specializes in dental implants, we can help you fill that gap in your smile with a tooth that looks and feels natural. 

For now, though, you might be wondering what to expect after the tooth extraction process. You’ve come to the right place. Here, we have a few tips to help you navigate the recovery process. 

Take it easy

Recovering from a tooth extraction usually only takes a few days, provided you get ample rest. To keep your healing process as short as possible, plan to take it easy right after your extraction. You might need to arrange to take some time off work or school. 

While you’re at home, don’t do anything strenuous for 72 hours. Elevating your heart rate can increase your risk of bleeding and make any discomfort you experience worse. This is an excellent time to dive into that book you’ve been wanting to read or that show you’ve been waiting to binge. 

Keep the area clean

Dr. Master-Patel and our team give you specific instructions on caring for your extraction site. Usually, that means rinsing the area with an antimicrobial mouthwash a few times a day. Follow our instructions carefully to lower your risk of infection.

Keeping the extraction site clean doesn’t mean brushing it directly. In fact, you should avoid that area with your toothbrush until Dr. Master-Patel tells you it’s safe to brush normally. Don’t stop brushing and flossing the rest of your mouth, though. Maintaining good oral hygiene is extra important when you want your mouth to heal. 

Talk to us about any discomfort

Generally, periodically using an ice pack and over-the-counter pain relievers (e.g., ibuprofen, acetaminophen) is enough to ease any pain you might feel after your tooth extraction. If you’re uncomfortable, though, don’t hesitate to tell us. We can help you develop the right medication plan to soothe your pain. Usually, you won’t need medication for more than a day or two. 

Adjust your eating and drinking

Soft foods are the call. Avoid anything that would require you to chew a lot or bite down with force. A few good options include:

  • Eggs
  • Yogurt
  • Applesauce
  • Blended soups
  • Rice
  • Pasta

When it comes to beverages, it’s less about what you drink and more about how you drink it. Straws can dislodge the blood clot in your extraction site, so steer clear of them. 

Fortunately, recovering from a tooth extraction usually doesn’t take long, especially if you follow our after-care instructions. To learn more or schedule an appointment to have a tooth pulled, call our office most convenient to you or book your appointment online today.