Is Dental Implant Yonkers NY Better Than Denture?

Oct 20, 2019
Is Dental Implant Yonkers NY Better Than Denture?

Is Dental Implant Yonkers NY Better Than Denture?

Missing teeth are not only unhealthy for your mouth but steals away our freedom to enjoy food, our confidence to smile out loud and evidently affects person happiness & wellbeing. This is exactly where we begin to search for the most viable & promising dental solution.

Denture and dental implants are the only restorative approach close to a natural outcome. They both have their own significance and are recommended to the patient as per the individual teeth condition. The sole purpose of both procedures is to restore the oral functionality of the mouth. Dentures are removable teeth replacement option and less expensive. They are ideal options for anyone with weak or unhealthy jaws. Since it is removable in nature, they tend to slip out of place while speaking, eating or chewing. Other than this, dentures are placed onto the jaw gums which tend to weaken with frequent wear. Thus, they cannot be regarded as a long term solution.

Dental implants, on the other hand, are a permanent solution and is the most popular alternative to dentures. Although dental implant procedures cost more than a denture, they do come with life-changing benefits which makes it a reasonable quest. Investment on a dental implant is more like an investment in improved wellbeing. Since the prosthesis is affixed to the implant in your jaw, they are more stable, more accurate, doesn’t even fall out while speaking & chewing. The stability you gain with our dental implant in Younkers and Westchester, NY is impeccable and if properly cared, a dental implant can stick for around 10-15 years.

How are dental implants a better choice for hale & healthy smile? The dental implant is an innovative & modern dental solution for missing teeth. The prosthesis serves as a façade of your natural teeth and doesn’t even require removal for special cleaning. It’s a smart choice for people of all ages and gives you back your smile & functionality.

Some of the hidden benefits of dental implant Westchester NY are:

  • Dental implants act like your natural teeth.
  • The procedure prevents bone loss.
  • Implants support facial structure.
  • The dental implant is long-lasting and cost-effective.
  • It won’t limit what you eat.
  • One can eat, laugh and talk with confidence.

To land in a fair conclusion, a dental implant is a golden restorative procedure with 98% success ratio. They are suitable for the vast majority of people and give predictable outcomes. To consult our experts on the dental implant in Younkers and Westchester, NY, do stop by at riversidedentalhealthpc.com.